IEPI ListServ Communication Policy

IEPI listserv Subscription Instructions

  • The IEPI listserv subscription can be found at    
  • Enter your name and email address in the appropriate fields
  • Locate “IEPI Institutional Effectiveness” in the drop-down
  • Select “subscribe” 
  • To increase security, an email subscription confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Please confirm your subscription   
  • To unsubscribe, go to and click “unsubscribe”

IEPI Listserv Communication Policy

The IEPI listserv allows two-way discussion  

The list administrators and the list subscribers are both permitted to post messages to the list. This type of list is primarily used for discussion groups engaged in the exchange of ideas and information centered on a specific topic.

How do I reply to an individual who sent a message and not the whole group? 

Do not hit the "reply" button to reply to a message sender because your message will be sent to the entire list. To reply, simply enter the person's e-mail address in the "to" field. 

Who can post a message to the group? 

Only list members have access to post messages to the group. 

Does IEPI Listserv have an archive of messages? 

There is an archive for the IEPI listserv. Please email to receive instruction on accessing the archive on the .  

My email address changed. Should I let the IEPI listserv know?

Yes. To notify us of the change, please email In addition to your new email address, please include your old e-mail address, name, and institution in the message. 

What is considered inappropriate use of the list? 

Messages on the listserv are limited to discussion of specific topics. Inappropriate use of the list includes spam, sending multiple, and general announcements. Additionally, inappropriate use also includes embarrassing or harassing messages, explicit images or content; racially offensive comments; and, messages that infringe upon applicable local, state, federal laws. If an IEPI listserv sender participates in inappropriate messaging, then they will be removed from the list.